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BAC A4-A5 Burkina Faso 2017, sujet d'Anglais 1er Tour, Remplacement

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TEXT: Gold Rush and Education

Burkina Faso’s education officials are worrying about the gold rush that is taking children away from schools. A boom in Burkina Faso’s mining over the past ten years has made the country one of Africa’s leading producers, but it is also taking children – some as young as six – out of school. Education for children in some gold mining areas is generally likened to putting water in a perforated basket. In fact, almost half of the children sent to school in some villages end up in gold mines.

The exact number of children abandoning schools nationally for mines is still unclear, but many school children are known to work mainly in artisanal mines where they help their parents, brothers, or friends crush stones, transport water and cook. Others go to the mines during schools off-days on Thursdays and Saturdays.

When they start earning a little money they spend more time over there and eventually drop out school.
According to the Ministry of Finance, gold has become the top export
commodity. In 2011, it earned Burkina Faso 127 billion CFA. However, all the investment made in recent years to boost school attendance could be lost. In 2001, the government launched a 62 billion CFA project aiming at increasing to 70 per cent the number of children enrolled in primary school by 2010, and 100 per cent by 2015. Unfortunately, it is a total failure because mining takes children out of schools, empties learning centers, and only old people remain in villages.

The mining sites are the only economic opportunity for these people who move there with their families. More and more mining sites are becoming proper villages.
And even if children do not work, they live there. Poverty and hardship reduce the importance of education and many people have taken up mining for their economic survival. The government should enforce stronger legislations to force the mining companies to contribute financially to strengthen the efforts of local authorities to keep children from mining sites.
Adapted from “ Gold Rush and Education”, IRIN Report, September 2011.

1. Relying on the text, say why Burkina Faso’s officials are worried about the gold boom.
2. What does the author mean when he says that “education for children in some gold mining areas is generally likened to putting water in a perforated basket”?
3. Referring to the text, point out at least two (2) advantages and two (2) disadvantages of gold mining in Burkina Faso.
4. Suggest ways and means of keeping children away from mining sites.

II- TRANSLATION (06 points)
Translate into French from “The mining sites are…” down to “economic survival”.

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