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TEXT: The Miracle Algae

As a result of the successive droughts and civil wars in Chad, the most
pressing problem facing women is simply that of survival. As the primary victims of the upheavals in the country, women must try to survive in this devastated wasteland and provide food for their family.

For the women who live in the Kanem-Lac region in Northern Chad, and
especially for those in the Nokou area, a blue-green algae – known as dihe – has been manna from heaven.

Dihe, also known as spirulina, has become the only resource for Nokou
women. An ancient microalgae two-to-three billion years old, spirulina has the highest protein content of all plant products. Even in comparison to meat, it is a protein-rich food and 15 grams of spirulina contain as much protein as 100 grams of beef. In these times of crises, dihe is truly a miracle food.

The health benefits of spirulina have been widely known outside of Africa. For a number of years, spirulina has been a valued food supplement in Western countries where all good pharmacies sell a variety of spirulina-based products.

Most water bodies in the Kanem-Lac region produced dihe. Women sold the
dried algae in the market in Mao, the regional capital, 70 km away. With the money, they would buy tea, sugar, soap and clothes. Today, resellers go directly to the oases were the women dry the dihe.

When it is being harvested, all the families in Nokou eat dihe several times a day. It is used to prepare sauces, purees and sometimes it is even eaten as a snack.
People in the region are fond of saying: “Nobody gets tired of eating dihe but people get tired of meat or fish.”
Given the situation in Chad, food self-sufficiency seems like a dream. But we are convinced that implementing a large-scale blue-green algae development project would result in greater food security throughout the entire Kanem-Lac region. It could also do the same in other regions in the world where famine is endemic.

Adapted from Tassoum L. Doual in Women Build Africa, 1993, pp. 40-50.

1. Relying on the text, identify at least three causes leading to women’s fight for survival.
2. Referring to the text, how is spirulina consumed in families?
3. Name some of the positive effect of spirulina consumption.
4. Show how spirulina trade can economically impact women’s lives.
5. In your opinion how can food self-sufficiency be achieved in your country?

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